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Accurate legal documents are the foundation of our economy and well-being. We therefore want to make automation of legal documents as efficient and accessible as possible for lawyers and notaries.


We use the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle to do this. This term originated in the software world, but can easily be applied to the development of legal documents. All legal documents can be summarized in a tree diagram. Not all parts of the diagram are equally common, but the base is often reused. In order to gather the necessary articles, lawyers often still use (parts of) existing templates to arrive at a final product. This process is WET (Write Every Time), that is, repetitive, uninspiring and takes a relatively long time.

We solve this problem in three steps.
1. collecting different versions of commonly used documents
2. use of software to modularize the documents
3. disclosure of documents via question and answer to your own online environment

After implementation you save at least 75% of your time per document. Time you can spend on other things.


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