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Use docbldr to quickly and easily modularise your documents

Modularize your own documents

By modularisation we mean converting your legal documents into question-answer modules that you can use to generate the documents. Until recently, this was a cumbersome job. Thanks to our comparison tool, you can upload multiple versions of the same document and see exactly which texts in your document are variable. Now all you have to do is create questions for these variable sections. Once you’ve done this you and your colleagues will save at least 75% time per document.

Create documents via question and answer

As soon as your documents are modularised, you can tailor your documents to your customers’ needs via question and answer. All the different versions of the documents are accessed simply by answering the questions you created in step 1. The longer and more complicated the document, the greater your time gain. Are there any specific text fragments that were not included in the module? Simply do the finishing touches by hand in Word.

Implement (legislative) changes centrally

We believe in the DRY (don't repeat yourself) principle. Once you’ve modularised your documents you will only need to make a change to an article once and this change will appear in all of the versions of the document. This way you can rest assured that the change will not be forgotten anywhere and will be implemented consistently. Everywhere. By everyone.

And much more

Web based

Web based

Everything available in a secure online environment.



Turn articles and paragraphs into reusable blocks.


Compare function

Use different versions of existing documents to create modules.



Make texts conditional, create input fields, have fields calculated.


Version control

Easily manage versions of your modules and documents

Centraal beheer

Central management

Is there an amendment of the law? Adjust your module centrally and it is accurate everywhere.



Generate documents in two (or more) languages.


CRM link

Connect your docbldr to your CRM system and import contacts using a file number.


Customer portal

Let your customers use your modules to create documents.

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