Calculate the savings for your law firm

How many documents does your firm produce per year?

Calculate the cost saving for your firm

How many employees do you have and how many documents do your employees make on average per week?

Number of employees

The total number of employees including support

8 employees

Number of documents per week per employee

Employment contracts, privacy statements, etc.

5 doc(s) per week

Your firm saves

€93.600 on an annual basis*

or €7.800 - on a monthly basis

*estimate based on 75% saving of time

Based on

  • Internal hourly rate of €30,-
  • 2 hours per document without using docbldr
  • Time savings of 75% per document
How is this calculated?

Do you have questions about this calculation or would you like a custom calculation? Do not hesitate to contact us

How is this calculated?

We calculate the savings based on averages we see in the legal sector. We have listed the assumptions on the right. Would you like to know exactly what savings you can expect? We’ll gladly make an estimate for you that applies to your situation.

Assumptions calculation example

Time per document

Number of employees Number of employees

Number of documents per week

Internal hourly rate

2 hours



€ 30

Result calculation example

Time spent on documents

2 x 20 x 5

200 hours

Cost of documents per year

€30 x 200 x 52

€ 312.000

Time saving of +/- 75%

€ 312.000.- x 0.75

€ 234.000

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