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"We want to deal with complex matters for our customers. We automated our standard documents and advice with docbldr."

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Automate your documents in no time

Generate the right version of your documents via question and answer

No more typos or incorrect references

No more typos or incorrect references

Lawyers can make (small) mistakes when drawing up repetitive agreements. Software prevents this from happening.

Consistent quality

Consistent quality

With docbldr, you implement legislative changes centrally and have full control over the quality of all your documents.

75% of drafting time saved per document

75% of drafting time saved per document

After you have modularised your documents with docbldr, you create documents for your clients in a matter of minutes via question and answer. This gives you at least 75% time savings per document.

Client portal

Client portal

Optional: give your clients access to a portal where they create legal documents via question and answer.

Calculate the cost saving for your firm

How many employees do you have and how many documents do your employees make on average per week?

Number of employees

The total number of employees including support

8 employees

Number of documents per week per employee

Employment contracts, privacy statements, etc.

5 doc(s) per week

Your firm saves

€93.600 on an annual basis*

or €7.800 - on a monthly basis

*estimate based on 75% saving of time

Based on

  • Internal hourly rate of €30,-
  • 2 hours per document without using docbldr
  • Time savings of 75% per document
How is this calculated?

Why do law firms - big and small - choose docbldr?

Meest gebruiksvriendelijke software

Most user-friendly software

With our unique comparison tool, modularizing documents becomes so easy it's child's play. Everything is set up so intuitively that a manual is not even necessary to start.

Meest gebruiksvriendelijke software

We speak your language

We know your "obstacles" and way of working. Docbldr originated from a partnership between programmers and lawyers.

Meest gebruiksvriendelijke software

You control your content

We help you get started with the first set of documents. After a brief training you and your team can automate the rest of your documents and make changes if necessary.

“10 years from now document automation will become standard in the legal industry. With docbldr we are prepared for the future.”

Martijn van Hall

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